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1. Open active directory users and computers
2. Enable the advanced features in the view menu
3. Search for the account which is in a protected security group
4. Go to Properties / Security / Advanced
5. Check the following box: Include inheritable permissions
6. Retry what you were doing in the Lync Control Panel



Content Advisor is a tool for controlling the types of content that your computer can access on the Internet. After you turn on Content Advisor, only rated content that meets or exceeds your criteria can be viewed. You can adjust the settings to suit your preferences.

You can do the following:

  • View and adjust the ratings settings to restrict or allow content in each of the following categories: language, nudity, sex, and violence.
  • Create a list of websites that should always be blocked, regardless of how their content is rated.
  • Create a list of websites that can always be viewed, regardless of how their content is rated.
  • View and change the ratings systems Content Advisor uses.

Now let us see how to remove it.

1. Go to Start> Run > Type in regedit and press Enter. ( ie. Open Windows Registry
Editor. )

For Windows Vista / Windows 7, type in regedit in the Search box from Start orb and press Enter

2. Navigate to the following path in the left pane:
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\Curr entVersion\policies\Ratings

See the screenshot below:

See the screenshot below:

3. Click on the Ratings Key & you can see an entry named key in the right Pane. Just Delete it. See the screenshot below.

4. Reboot your PC & the Content Advisor Password will be reset.

5. In Internet Explorer Choose Tools> Internet Options . Switch to Content Tab.

6. Set a new password when asked. Use it to Disable the Content Advisor.

If you allow the Windows 7/2008/R2  setup CD to create your primary partition, it will actually create two partitions, a hidden 100mb system reserved partition used for bootmgr and bitlocker, and the remaining space in a second partition.

I wanted my windows server with single clean partition to make easy backup.

STEP1) Open a command prompt with administrator privileges (right click => run as administrator)

Type:    bcdboot c:\windows /s c:

 You will get a message similar to: Boot files successfully created.

STEP2) Open the Disk Management GUI (you could use diskpart), locate the  C:\ partition right-click and select “Mark Partition as Active”, select yes to the “do you want to continue message”.

STEP3) Reboot to confirm that everything is ok.

STEP4) In Disk Management you can now delete the 100Mb System Reserved partition by right clicking on it and selecting “Delete volume”