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Archive for September, 2012

You’ll need a .pfx certificate in this guide, so once you have your certificate and any intermediates that need to be installed, export the certificate and include the entire chain the export, assign a password and then save the .pfx somewhere where you can access it from the remote desktop server.

In the Remote Desktop Server:

Installing Certificate;

  1. Click “Start” and then “Run”.
  2. Enter “mmc” and then click “OK”.
  3. Click on the “File” menu and then select “Add/Remove Snap-in…”.
  4. Click “Certificates” and then click “Add >”, when prompted choose option “Computer Account” and then click “Next >”.
  5. Select “Local Computer” and then click “Finish”.
  6. Click “OK” to complete the add snap-in wizard and then expand “Certificates (Local Server)”.
  7. Right click on the “Personal” folder and then select “All Tasks”, then “Import…”.
  8. Click “Next >” and then locate the .pfx you’ve saved earlier. Click “Next >”
  9. Enter your password, and then click “Next >”, click “Next >”, click “Finish”.
Assigning the certificate;
  1. Now open “Remote Desktop Session Host Configuration”.
  2. Right click on “RDP-tcp” in the center of the window and select “Properties”.
  3. On the “General” tab, click the “Select” button, Select your certificate, and then click “OK”.
  4. Click “OK” one more time, and then all future connections will be secured by the certificate.

I was trying to install the DPM agents from System Center Data Protection Manger 2012 to Windows Servers and got the above error message.

I could fix this error by installing manually by following the steps,

  • Shared the path, C:\Program Files\Microsoft System Center 2012\DPM\DPM\Protection\RA\4.0.xxxx and made to access from \\dpm-server\DPMAgent$\
  • Installed the agents manually from command prompt
    • Copied to the local disk from the above path to the servers.
    • Opened Command Prompt (I used run as Administrator), install the agent manually by running as below c:\Downloads\amd64\DPMAgenInstaller_x64 dpm-server.domain.local  ; where dpm-server.domain.local is my DPM server.
  • Added the servers to take the backup from DPM Management Console.

If you are still experiencing the problem, I found in a forum mentioned to add the DPM Server to your Domain Admins Group to allow the DPM Server to have the communication properly.  Once I added that the agent started working fine after refreshing in the DPM Management Console.

Error in Outlook: To free up disk space, Outlook Express can compact messages. This may take up to a few minutes.

Try resetting the compact count in the registry:

  1. Start the registry editor.
  2. Open this key:

    HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Identities\{identity}\Software\Microsoft\Outlook Express\5.0

    where identity is a string of letters, numbers, and dashes.

  3. Set the value of Compact Check Count to 0.
  4. Close the registry editor.