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Archive for March, 2013

When you do physical to virtual migration or some other way that interface will hold the IP internally in the hidden NIC. So when you try to assign the same IP to a new interface you will get warning – DO YOU WANT TO REMOVE THE STATIC IP CONFIGURATION FOR THE ABSENT ADAPTER, you can continue the job by just clicking – YES but interface is still hidden.

If you want to permanently remove the hidden interface do the steps as below

Step 1: Open the command prompt – Run as Administrator

Step 2: Type the command,

set devmgr_show_nonpresent_devices=1

It will set to visible.

Step 3: Open the device manager, you can use this command in the same command prompt


Step 4: In the device manager windows, On the MENU, VIEW –> Show Hidden Devices

Step 5: Find the hidden interface under the network adapters, select the adapter, right click and do the uninstall.

Job done.

I come across a production server stuck on shutdown process during resource allocation.

Follow this steps to fix the issue as it worked for me,

  1. “xe vm-list” to get the uuid of the VM that is hung
  2. “list_domains” to list the domain uuid’s so you can determine the domain # of the VM above by matching the uuids from this output with the uuid for your VM from the previous command.
  3. “/opt/xensource/debug/destroy_domain -domid X” where X – domain number from the previous command
  4. “xe vm-reboot uuid=Y –force” where Y – uuid from the first vm-list command for your VM. (name-label may work but I didn’t try)