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Category: Exchange Server 2007

Exchange 2007/2010: Send as Permission on Distribution Group or User

If you want to add the “send as” permission to distribution group, you can do this:

Use GUI:

1.     Went to the mail enabled security group in AD Users and Computers  and brought up the properties of the group

2.     Click on the security tab and added the security group and provided Send As permissions


You can use the following cmdlet from Exchange Management Shell:
Add-ADPermission UniversalDistributionGroup -ExtendedRights Send-As -user UserWhoSends


For User

If you want to give the user “Bawin” the Send-As permission for the “Sajin” Mailbox you can use the following command line:

get-user -identity “” | Add-ADPermission -User “” -ExtendedRights Send-As

* In this case Bawin can send emails from his Outlook on behalf of Sajin if he is away.

Export-Mailbox is a great tool for exporting mailbox content to another Mailbox or PST file, but it is also a great tool to use for removing messages from Mailboxes.

I have used this command on Exchange Server 2007 SP2

Prerequest: Outlook need to be installed on the server to run the powershell

consider the useremail: bawin @ and the file server path \\sits-filesvr\PST-Archives (you can use the local path, c:\pst-archive\)

Export-mailbox -Identity shareitskills\bawin -PSTFolderPath \\sits-filesvr\PST-Archives -StartDate 1/1/2005 -EndDate 31/12/2010

If you want to delete the contents during the export:

Export-mailbox -Identity shareitskills\bawin -PSTFolderPath \\sits-filesvr\PST-Archives -StartDate 1/1/2005 -EndDate 31/12/2010 -DeleteContent -confirm:$False

Powershell to Delete Content of the mailbox through Export-Mailbox

Export-Mailbox <username> -DeleteContent -confirm: $False


This link provides details: