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Category: BiDefender Management Server

Option 1

The download link is:

In order to upgrade, just run the new kit.

Option 2

Please see below instruction. Please note that clients will report expired, or trial for about 5-10 minutes when doing this procedure. This will reset the license count.

Here is the procedure to be followed whenever you encounter this situation:

1. Download and install Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio Express (if you don’t already have it):

2. Launch the application and connect to the instance that’s used by the BitDefender Management Server (should be\BDMS) using Windows Authentication.

3. Locate the ’em3′ database in the left pane, right click on it and choose “New Query”.

4. Write in the right pane that opens up the commands that are shown in the attached screenshot.

5. Click on the ‘Execute’ button in the toolbar above. You should receive “x rows affected” confirmation message.

6. Close the SQL Server Management Studio Express.

7. Restart the BitDefender Management Server service.

After performing this procedure, clients could show up as either on trial or expired; this is normal. In about an hour, the clients will request the key from the server and re-register themselves.

I had a situation where BitDefender Management server is no longer able to run the BitDefender Client Security 3.5 since server hardware is faulty. Then I had to install a management server on a different server (It got a different IP) and configured to manage all existing clients.

Make sure the ports 7072 (default communication port between the server and the agent) and 7074 (default communication port between the server and the update server) are open in the server.

Check the ports are open in the command prompt from any other PC in your LAN:
telnet “server-ip” 7072 and telnet “server-ip” 7074.

In order to manually change the server IP address in the existing clients do the following steps on all existing clients:

From Start -> Run -> services.msc – stop the BitDefender Management Agent service

For Windows Vista/Windows 7:
Go to C:\ProgramData\BitDefender\Enterprise 3\Agent and edit agent.xml

For Windows XP:
Go to C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Bitdefender\Enterprise 3\Agent and edit agent.xml

Replace <![CDATA[old_ip_server]]> line with <![CDATA[new_ip_server]]>

Start the BitDefender Management Agent service

Please do this modification carefully on all existing computers.

The synchronization process will take about 5 minutes after the service is started.

NOTE: If your old server is still accessible use  Backup/Restore Server Configuration Tool helps you do the backup and restore process simply.

This tool is very useful in the following situations: ƒ Moving BitDefender Management Server to another server orƒ If the BitDefender Management Server configuration is corrupted.

ƒBitDefender Backup/Restore Configuration tool can be accessed from the Management Console,  Tool -> Backup/Restore Configuration Tool. An intuitive wizard will guide you through the steps to perform the operation it is taking the backup of BitDefender Server, Clients, Groups, Policy Templates, Policy Instances, Policy Assignments on Groups, WMI Scripts Files and Status and Registry Data.