The Mediation Server can be integrated with Lync  Front End Server – it does Media Bypass so Lync endpoints can communicate directly with IP/PSTN Gateway or SIP Trunk. The Lync endpoints can send G.711 audio directly to gateway instead of transcoding every PSTN audio call from RTAudio (MS Proprietary for Lync)  to the G.711 codec and it removes an additional hop and potential latency.


The Call Admission Control feature is defining the network regions and bandwidth between the sties. Administrator can control the bandwidth allocation for audio and video using policy. When a Lync client attempt to make a make a call both clients are controlled by the policy to make the sessions as per the bandwidth allocations  – basically it is avoiding the poor end-user experience through WAN link.


Enhanced 911 – Lync Server 2010 maintains a location information database consisting of subnet, switch, port and wireless access points within an organisation. When users are outside the organisation users can maually enter the location first time and it will be maintained by the database.


Remote Survivability – it is a appliance for remote offices to continue PSTN call access in the event of a WAN failure, making the Front End pool unavailable to the location.