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Hyper-V doesn’t mount or redirect the USB drives automatically to Virtual Machines. Therefore you will have to do the following steps to access the USB drives;

Open the server manager and select the Disk Management, right click over the USB drive and set to Offline. (note: make sure that you are selecting the exact correct drive otherwise the system whatever pointed to the disk will crash)

Once done it will show as Offline.

Now open the Setting of virtual machine and select SCSI controller, click add a new controller then select the option – physical hard disk:. Now Apply and OK to complete the job.

The reason we are choosing SCSI you can add or remove the disk while VM is running. Hyper-V virtual machines only let you boot the OS from IDE controllers and you need down time to add or remove vhd – disks.




Now you will be able to access the drives through Virtual Machines.

Again you can do the same job to reattach the USB drive to Hyper-V (Host), remove the drive from controller in the Virtual Machine settings then set the drive to online so you will be able to access the USB drive in the host machine.


  1. Start the Microsoft Exchange Administrator program.
  2. In the navigation pane, expand the objects until you locate the server object.
  3. Right-click the server object, and then click Properties.